This project was the initial spark for the foundation of Blackwave GmbH. During their studies, our two founders were part of the formula-student-team at TU Munich for several years. At that time the carbon-fiber prepreg rims were laminated by hand and had to be extensively reworked. The potential of the carbon-SMC technique was recognized immediately, so they started developing a 10’’ rim design tailored to the technique. For the technical layout the stiffness and the thermal load of the rim while running played an important role. Equally it had to be ensured that the rim would be easy to assemble.


The result is a lightweight and cost-effective composite rim for motor sport application, which only takes 60 min working time instead of 42 hours. Since the rim base is made of carbon-SMC and the inner rim is milled from aluminium, the weights reduction is 51% when compared to a standard aluminium rim. It was successfully tested throughout several contests of formula student teams and it shows that carbon-SMC is even able to fulfill the demanding requirements of the motorsport industry.