The story

The two founders, Bastian Behrens and Raphael Setz, met during their studies at the Technical University Munich. At the Formula Student team of TUM (, they gained experience as a team in the design and manufacture of carbon fibre reinforced plastics. From 2012 onwards, they intensively dealt with the topic of Carbon-SMC through their research activities at Airbus Group Innovations in Munich. In order to tap the potential of technology for industrial applications, the Blackwave project was supported by the EXIST program of the BMWi ( Since January 2016, the two founders have been able to concentrate fully on their idea through the scholarship at the Chair for Carbon Composites: To build the necessary infrastructure to cost-efficiently produce complex carbon fibre components and to help shape the lightweight market.

In April 2016, the Blackwave GmbH based in Garching was founded and thus laid the cornerstone for today´s company.  Following a first move into the premises of the Ludwig-Bölkow-Campus in January 2017, another milestone was reached with the second move of the year into a completely own building located in the Lise-Meitner-Str. 7 in Taufkirchen in the South of Munich.

Blackwaves year 2018 was centered around development of the necessary infrastructure at the 1275 m2 site in Taufkirchen. In this time, prototype phases for the first large-scale production projects, which went into production in early 2019, were overcome. Finally, in October 2018, our quality management system was certified according to ISO 9001:2015 by TÜV Süd.

In addition, Timon Strube joined the executive board in the middle of the year as Chief Operating Officer, ensuring a structured growth in 2019 and master the challenges ahead.

With now 16 employees, Blackwave GmbH serves its customers in the areas of automotive, aerospace, sporting goods and general mechanical engineering and thereby laid the ideal foundation for further growth.

THE Team

Bastian Behrens


Raphael setz


Timon Strube


Julian Hornung

Production Lead, Controlling and HR

Frank Tiefenbach

Mold Making, Supplier Management

Robin Pfeifer

Process Development

Leo Neubauer

Development Engineer

Daniel Vass

Production Worker

Tamara Finger

Development Engineer for Medical Devices

Asmus Baden

Development Engineer

Theresa Nemeth

NDT & Quality Management

Martin Rieger

Development Engineer

Stefan Panzer

Development Engineer

Johannes Muhr

CNC Processing

Korbinian Wallinger

Development Engineer

Nadine Grimm

Production Worker

Alexander Boßmann

CNC Processing

Andreas Meier

Master Thesis

Moritz Amann

Working Student

Philo Richtering


Matthias Konz





For customers in various industries, Blackwave has successfully manufactured and delivered parts made of Carbon-SMC. The components are convincing as highly efficient lightweight parts as well as innovative design applications.



With the powerful partners of their network, Blackwave is always able to find and implement the best solutions for the different requirements of their customers.

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